The love can not be old, what it keeps is eternal flame and glory that is not killed, the existence of the world, regard it as the nourishment.
This touching story, happen on a bus, the bus waddles along the remote highway of the South.
The passenger in the car, there is a thin and weak old man, is holding a bunch of flowers in the hand, car cross church, come up one young girl, flower to see old man with the utmost concentration.
When the old man will get off soon, he suddenly pushed the flower in one's own hands to in the young girl's chest excitedly. He is hurry explaining: "I can see you like this bunch of flowers very much, I think my wife will very glad too you have this bunch of flowers. I will tell her that I give the flower to you. "
That girl follows the old man with one's eyes and gets off, see him go to the gate of a small cemetery slowly after accepting that bunch of flowers.

64, the elder brother's wish
People should see things as one would if he were in someone else's place and think of in the heart, it is not those persons happier than us, and only those persons who is worth sympathizing with than us.
On Christmas Day, Paul's elder brother gives a new car to him. Christmas Day the same day, when Paul leaves the office, a boy, round that new car that glitters, ask highly praising very much: "Sir, is this your car? "
Paul clicks and clicks one: "This is the Christmas present that my elder brother gave to me. " Boy's whole face surprise, say prevaricating:
"You mean this is the present that your elder brother gave, has not it spent you half a mao? I might as well hope Yes "
Certainly Paul thought he hoped that there can be an elder brother giving a car to him, but what that boy discussed let Paul shake very much.
"I hope I can become and give car to the younger brother's elder brother. " The boy continues saying.
Paul is looking at that boy stunnedly, invites him saying unthinkingly: "Do you want to take my car to go for a drive? "
The boy sits and gets on the bus excitedly, after winding a small section of roads, that child is full of saying in the eyes excitedly: "Sir, can you drive the car to in front of my door? "
Paul smiles, he thinks that boy must show off to the neighbour, let everybody know he has taken a big car and gone home.
Have never expected Paul guesses wrong again this time. "Can you park the car in front of those two ladders? " The boy requires.
Ladder at the boy run, after a while Paul hears the voice that he came back, but movements slowly seem to have some. He brought the crippled younger brother originally, point to that new car.
Only listen to that boy telling the younger brother: "Look, this is that new car that I told you upstairs just now. Auto Diagnostic|Car Diagnostic|AK500 key programmer|Automotive Diagnostic|bmw gt1Chinese FurnitureChinese Furniture
Printer PartsLaptop BatteriesB2B marketplaceThis was given to him by his elder brother of Paul! I will give you such a car too in the future, you can go to see those will be hung in the beautiful ornaments of Christmas Day of the window by the time. "
Paul go down car, embrace front stall to reach bus crippled boy. Get on the car too, sit by younger brother if the big glittering boy meets the eye on every side. In this way they three begin an unforgettable vacation and go for a drive.
In Christmas Eve that time, Paul really realizes " constructed more blissfully than to receive " that Jesus said Reason.

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