The throat wheel of yoga and thyroid gland
Traditional yoga view thinks, the throat wheel lies in the throat of human neck bottom, the color is blue, there are 16 petals. It is looking after our neural clump of shank and thyroid gland.
The thyroid gland lies in front part of neck, reddish brown, about 20- 40 grams in weight, made up of two side leaves and a thyroid gland gorge. Stretch out an awl form leaf from the thyroid gland gorge upwards sometimes, can reach the height of the hyoid bone. The side leaf of thyroid gland slightly presents bodily form of awls, stick it on the side of throat and trachea, is up to in the middle part of first form cartilage on the top, the underpart supports the sixth trachea ring. Thyroid gland gorge join both sides leaf, lie 2- 4 trachea between the ring. Thyroid gland borrow muscle membrane, affix to throat at the cartilage, can move with the throat up and down swallow.
It is very abundant that the blood vessel of the thyroid gland is supplied, have arteries under the artery and a pair of thyroid gland on a pair of thyroid gland, the single most lower artery of thyroid gland appears sometimes. It becomes the clump the gland body surface identically intravenously, mainly pour into the vein in the neck finally. The main function of hormone of thyroid gland is to promote the metabolism of the organism, maintain the organism and grow normally, especially the development to the skeleton and nervous system is very important.
Yoga view thinks the right department of this centre decides the words, the good person of throat wheel has good ability of linking up, he spoke sweetly, adjusted the energy of the human body at the same time, is controlling the activity of the human body.
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